Virgin mobile France selects XINTEC anti-spam fraud detection solution

25th September 2013 

September 2013 – OMEA TELECOM – Virgin Mobile (France), the leading alternative provider of mobile telephony services in France, closes deal with Irish software company XINTEC.

XINTEC, a global supplier of Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance software has been selected by Virgin Mobile France to implement a solution to to detect and prevent any irregular or fraudulent activity that could potentially result in a loss or service quality and unwanted financial losses to the company.

As part of the launch of Virgin Mobile’s increased array of tariff plans in a drive offer ever more freedom and flexibility to its subscribers, keeping tabs on the speed and quality of service take-up are strategic priorities for the operator as it undergoes rapid growth.

To ensure that customers enjoy an optimal experience when connecting to and using the mobile network, it was necessary to deploy a tool to automatically process and monitor all call activity to detect the likes of SMS spam, interconnect bypass (SIM gateways) and other network frauds that can result in violations of the operator’s fair usage policies.

The implementation of this technology also responded to other Virgin Mobile business objectives by providing Marketing and Customer Care departments with immediate access to their top customer profiles and patterns of service usage in near-real time.

In a competitive environment, Virgin Mobile needs to have immediate visibility of its customer data to rapidly identify and eliminate any fraudulent usage in near-real time. Virgin Mobile wants  its customers to enjoy an optimal experience of its services end-to-end, from placing a call, to surfing the Internet and making purchases, to receiving an accurate invoice or prepaid balance reading.

We are delighted to announce this strategic win for XINTEC” announced Sean Killeen, CEO at Dublin-based XINTEC. “It confirms and validates our strategy of servicing a very specific target market of small and mid-tier high-growth communication service providers including mobile and fixed-line operators, including the fast-emerging MVNO and MVNE segments.”