Euro-information telecom selects the XINTEC fraud detection solution

19th May 2015 

XINTEC, a global supplier of Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance solutions to the telecommunications industry, today announced that its FMSevolution™ fraud protection solution will be deployed by Euro-Information Telecom (EI Telecom).

Euro-Information Telecom is the largest Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in France, with over 1.4 Million customers, and is the parent company of five major French telecommunications brands: NRJ Mobile, Cofidis Mobile, CIC Mobile, Credit Mutuel Mobile, and Auchan Telecom.

This deployment allows EI Telecom to enjoy greatly increased levels of fraud protection, particularly in relation to International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF), which currently remains one of the biggest fraud threats to mobile and fixed-line operators, including IP/PBX service providers, worldwide.

In a simple IRSF scenario, fraudsters typically obtain SIM cards which are then used to make international calls to high value premium rate service (PRS) numbers. By inflating the traffic to these numbers, the fraudsters share the financial proceeds with unscrupulous PRS providers, ultimately leaving the operator having issued the SIM cards in the first instance to foot a potentially eye-popping bill.

XINTEC together with Colin Yates Consulting have developed PRISM, a database of some 100,000 actively managed test-call numbers. When deployed using the XINTEC FMSevolution™ fraud detection platform, fraudulent activity can be detected “on the fly” either before the fraud attack occurs, or just as an attack is being perpetrated.

By adding FMSevolution™ to our existing fraud detection capability, we can now better manage a particularly important risk area within our organisation”, commented Philippe Sikora, Head of Strategy and Internal Control at EI Telecom. “IRSF is one of the industry’s most enduring problems and it is crucial that we remain vigilant at all times to ensure our roaming and interconnect revenues are fully protected.”

Sean Killeen, XINTEC CEO said, “PRISM has proven to be a very effective solution in the fight against IRSF, and the proposition is very unique on the market today”. He added “In today’s competitive market, superior performance and value for money are the most important criteria for mobile network operators in the selection of anti-fraud solutions, and EI Telecom’s decision is a clear endorsement of our technology advantage in this space”.

About EI Telecom

EI Telecom is a 95/5 joint venture between Credit Mutuel-CiC and NRJ Group. EI Telecom became a full MVNO in 2011, and now avails of spectrum and network services provided by host MNOs Orange and SFR in France.

By operating across multiple brands – NRJ Mobile, Cofidis Mobile, CIC Mobile, Credit Mutuel Mobile, and Auchan Telecom – EI Telecom has the capacity to address a broad range of market segments (youth, family, business, elderly).

EI Telecom is also a major player in the contactless payment space. With the deployment of Near-Field Communication (NFC), all EI Telecom subscribers can optionally enjoy the benefits of the latest mobile payment technology in France.