RAEvolution turns RA into an organizational strategy at Tango

Luxembourg’s number one alternative Communications Service Provider, Tango, has implemented XINTEC’s Revenue Assurance software suite – RAevolution 3.0.

Tango is the first operator in Luxembourg to launch a full 4G mobile broadband service. With the recent addition of digital television services to the residential market, the company is now positioned as a true quadruple-play operator (mobile, fixed-line, broadband and television) in the country.

The Challenge

Tango had little visibility of possible areas of revenue leakage within its operation, owing to the difficulty of monitoring all traffic data as it flowed through various internal network systems. Tango, however, recognized the importance of getting this aspect of the business under control in order to ensure that all such revenues were being fully accounted for at the final invoicing stage.

Not being able to see traffic data with some degree of granularity leaves open the possibility that some revenues will be lost – a costly financial prospect for any CSP. Also, if the same data cannot be clearly interpreted and understood from a business point of view, then the revenue assurance (RA) analyst is unable to pinpoint the root cause of any possible leakage in the network.

Whether we are performing voice and data traffic reconciliations for domestic or roaming traffic, digital broadband, or fixed-line telephony services for instance, the challenge remains the same: all revenue streams need to be assured.

In particular, with the launch of new high value-added services such as digital television, Tango could not afford to overlook any aspect of the billing cycle which could potentially compromise the integrity of its relationships with subscribers or partner networks.

The Solution

With some 20+ reconciliations implemented across the network so far, including interconnect, broadband,fixed-line traffic, roaming, SMS, and GPRS, Tango is now well equipped – with RAevolution – to instantly spot any possible leakages or discrepancies which could rapidly impact a multiplicity of key revenue streams.

“RAevolution makes it possible to instantly spot any possible leakages or discrepancies which could rapidly impact a multiplicity of key revenue streams”

RAevolution automates reconciliations, which would otherwise have been carried out manually (using Excel spreadsheets for instance). A dynamic dashboard displays results in colourful and intuitive graphs and charts, and the viewer can quickly identify any missing data files. This dashboard displays all matching/mismatching call events, and is used for high- and low-level reporting.

Usage reconciliations are a particularly good example of where 100% automation has been achieved, followed by Partner invoicing, where invoices previously received in physical format are now largely being processed automatically as well. The results of all reconciliations are updated daily and presented visually via the RAevolution GUI. In addition, RAevolution has been of clear benefit to Tango in meeting compliance requirements associated with internal and external audits.

The Result

Immediately following the implementation of RAevolution, Tango gained the visibility of data it needed across all sources to deliver a clear set of measurable financial results for the business.

XINTEC have proven to be a strategic partner for Tango. Together we have achieved outstanding results with the RAevolution system, which has helped ensure the validity and reliability of our internal controls, as well as measure the financial performance of our various revenue streams – ex-CFO, Vikrant Mehta

Now the Business Analyst can look at the content of data in the system and can reconcile across different parts of the business. He/she can drill down to individual record (xDR) level, and can generate and export sets of reports on different reconciliations, including percentages of matching and/or mismatching records.

These results can be compared against historical data on a month-to-month basis, or trending, and the product of this analytical activity is displayed on a GUI as crisp visuals such as charts, graphs, histograms. XINTEC visualization technology makes the process of spotting trends extremely simple, as any discrepancies or mismatches appear immediately on the visual display.

Reports can be created and exported directly from the dashboard, including management reports which are highly accessible to CXO level within the business.

In summary, the key expectations for Tango are ensuring:

  • compliance of the RA function with critical industry performance indicators;
  • that RA processes are helping the business achieve optimal levels of performance;
  • that RA best practice is embedded within the organisation.