FMSEvolution: Scalable technology for high-growth markets

Vodafone Qatar, the Gulf Emirate’s newest communications company implements XINTEC’s FMSevolution Fraud Management System as the first step in their strategy to partner with XINTEC to deploy their innovative revenue optimization tools.

“The choice for FMSevolution was clear for several reasons, not least that we get all the functionality we need from a fraud management system without the show-stopping costs we see all too often” Rob James, Head of Fraud, VF-Qatar.

The Challenge

Vodafone Qatar, a consortium comprised of Vodafone Group and Qatar Foundation, received the second public mobile networks and services licence in the State of Qatar in June 2008.  Remarkably, they were able to switch of a fully functional mobile network on the 1 March 2009, with 1,000 customers. With a vision to be the most admired brand in Qatar within 3 years, and to grow to 1.6 million customers by 2018, protecting their customers from becoming victims to fraud while ensuring their own revenues were secure became extremely important to them. Wiithin months of going live, Vodafone Qatar started the search for a suitable revenue protection partner.

The Solution

As part of this search for a suitable revenue protection tool, Vodafone Qatar evaluated the XINTEC FMSevolution product, then known as FMSlite. This was perfect for them. It was quick to deploy, low-cost and a solution that was already proven.  It was also a modular solution that was capable of growing along with them, as they moved towards their vision of growing to 1.6 million customers. Vodafone Qatar were well aware that during this period of growth, particularly in light of the long established competition in Qatar, they would be wise to plan to extend their Fraud Management tools to Revenue Assurance and other areas of revenue risk.

The Result

Once the decision to use XINTEC was confirmed, the FMSevolution product was implemented and operational within weeks. The results achieved by Vodafone Qatar were immediate, with the system helping them to recover over €200,000 within the first few weeks of operation. Since this time, Vodafone Qatar have continued to add to their suite of XINTEC products which has included a full implementation of the XINTEC Revenue Assurance System (RAevolution). Vodafone Qatar have experienced customer growth to 1 million customers by early 2013, and the XINTEC revenue optimization tools have ensured that revenues have been maximised during this period of growth.