FMSEvolution, A cost effective sms anti-spam solution

Virgin Mobile (France) chooses XINTEC to implement a solution to detect and prevent any irregular or fraudulent activity that could potentially result in a loss of service quality or financial losses to the company.

“Having immediate visibility of our customer data to rapidly identify and eliminate any fraudulent usage in near-real time is essential to the quality of service on our network as we strive to consistently exceed customer expectations.”  – Telecoms Manager, Virgin Mobile France

The Challenge

Virgin Mobile is the largest MVNO in France, providing services to almost 2 million subscribers. Virgin Mobile prides itself on a host of innovative, differentiated and attractive no-strings-attached offerings in a drive to offer more freedom and flexibility to its subscribers. To ensure that customers enjoy an optimal experience when connecting to and using their network, it was necessary for Virgin Mobile to deploy a tool to automatically process and monitor call activity to detect the likes of SMS Spam, Sim Gateways and other network frauds.

The Solution

Virgin Mobile (France), aware that to ensure their customers continued to enjoy an optimal experience of their services end-to-end, they would have to identify a Fraud Management System supplier with a suite of products that would allow them to continue their rapid growth without any reduction in the customer experience they were famous for. Early discussions with XINTEC confirmed that XINTEC’s FMSevolution, along with the Sim Box Detector and SMS Anti-Spamming modules would be a perfect fit for their requirements.

The Result

Once the decision to use XINTEC was confirmed, XINTEC engineers ensured that the solutions provided were a perfect fit for a fast growing and innovative MVNO like Virgin Mobile. Within weeks of receiving this confirmation from Virgin Mobile, FMSevolution and the additional modules were implemented, tested and operational. Virgin Mobile are now proceeding with their strategic priorities in the knowledge that any financial risk associated with their rapid growth is being managed.