FMSevoltion: Protection from IRSF and roaming fraud

Telecom Cook Islands uses XINTEC FMSevolution as a cost effective solution to manage their fraud and revenue risk.

“FMSevolution enables us to respond quickly to potential fraud alerts, protecting our revenue stream. This means we can safely expand our products and services to benefit customers.” – Jules Maher, CEO, TCI

The Challenge

Telecom Cook Islands Ltd (TCI) are the sole provider of fixed-line, mobile and broadband services to the Cook Islands. Although a small telecom provider, TCI are regarded in the Pacific as innovative, and are constantly investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure their customers are receiving world class services. To protect their revenues against high risk fraud such as IRSF, Roaming and others to enable this continued investment, TCI decided to identify a suitable Fraud Management System to suit their budget and provide them with the protection they required.

The Solution

As part of their search for a suitable revenue protection tool, TCI evaluated the XINTEC FMSevolution product, then known as FMSlite. This was perfect for them. It was quick to deploy, low-cost and a solution that was already proven in CSP’s of a similar and larger size to TCI. XINTEC were able to offer a managed service which involved XINTEC analysing TCI’s NRTRDE and other call records for any fraud or high usage indicators. This service was funded from Opex, allowing TCI to retain their Capex for other important network investment that would benefit their customers.

The Result

Once this decision was made by TCI, the XINTEC solution was deployed within days. TCI opted for XINTEC’s Cloud-based solution monitored by XINTEC. Each hour, XINTEC emails usage and hotlist reports to the TCI staff member responsible for fraud management. FMSevolution generates high usage and hot-listed number alarms on receipt of TCI NRTRDE files significantly minimizing their exposure to fraud. With limited resources available, TCI can now be assured that fraud management is one function that will not be overlooked by busy staff with a range of different accountabilities.