We have always been aware that while, as an industry, our Fraud and Risk Managers are performing risk reviews, and planning and sharing intelligence to try and stay one step ahead of the fraudsters, those we are planning strategies against (ie. the fraudsters), are doing the same to try and stay ahead of us.

Fraudsters know when a CSP has improved its prevention and detection techniques, and so will move on to an easier target. Eventually they will find it difficult to keep finding easier targets, so will be forced to change their operating methods to counter the defence mechanisms being implemented.

For years, committing International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) has been based on targeting destinations where the call termination rates are highest, to maximise the fraudster’s earnings. However, the industry generally has become a lot more effective at identifying inflated traffic to these high-paying destinations, and in most cases, IRSF to them can be detected early and blocked.Start editing the text…

This is causing fraudsters to re-think their strategy, and many are now directing their IRSF calls to destinations that have traditionally been considered low risk. Their view is obviously that it is now in their interest to focus on lower-paying destinations in the knowledge that the originating carrier will, in most cases, take longer to detect this activity. So these fraudsters will continue to make reasonable money.

Read the white paper on this topic and learn more about this change in the fraudster’s modus operandi, and what you can do as a CSP to keep a step ahead of the game once again.


The RA team will develop relationships across the business and with the system suppliers. If you take an objective view, some relationships will work better than others. We need to understand why this is to ensure the team continues to be effective and become smarter with those relationships that are not as smooth.

The best relationships come when both parties are genuinely working for the same goal – there is co-operation between the teams and no finger-pointing or point scoring. And surprisingly, the best relationships are not the ones where the most money is found. Finding money can obscure the underlying tensions between teams – which only surface when the success ends.

This is also true when dealing with your RA System provider. The usual problem comes from the different aims of the two parties. The business is looking for a partnership to provide the support and controls it wants as the business grows. Some vendors appear to have little interest in the business plans of their customers unless there is an upselling opportunity.

So, what makes a good partner?

  • Someone who can support your team by providing additional expertise in revenue assurance, not just help in using its tool.
  • Someone who will listen to you and help you find practical solutions to your problems.
  • Someone who talks with you about your business and where it is going, working to make sure that the right tools are available just when you need them.

Which then leads onto how do you identify these partners – many organisations promote themselves by shouting about how much they have found, they use fancy mathematics to inflate the benefits, so choosing based on what they say they will find is fraught.

A good RA Tool Supplier will be able to identify a customer as a reference, someone you can talk to independently to get some feel of how they operate. Don’t just ask about the quality of the tool, the ease of use, the maintenance, ask also about the role they have played in the growth of the organisation, how well they understand and align themselves with the objectives of your business, how they responded to managements requests for support and how they are viewed by people at different levels of the organisation.

Although never explicitly mentioned, there is the corresponding side – the Tool Vendor will want to know how easy you are to deal with, committing resources to an unproductive relationship is bad business for both sides.

Ideally you want to find someone who can become a long term partner – do the background research to choose the right one for you. Spending the time to choose wisely in the beginning is never time wasted.

Talk to XINTEC, find out what they have to offer, you will be pleasantly surprised.