“Fighting the Enemy Within” – Webinar on Internal Fraud

Presented by Morgan Ramsey, Group Fraud Manager, Vodafone.

With the onset of COVID-19, telecom operators are likely to experience a spike in unlawful activity within their very own organisation.

Often linked to organised crime and the funding of terrorist activities, internal fraud, also known as “the enemy within”, can deprive operators of cash, data, revenue or property.

In this presentation, Morgan Ramsey, Group Fraud Manager at Vodafone, will share some gripping insights into how the current global pandemic has impacted on the risk of internal fraud, and what organisations can do to protect themselves.

•            How has COVID-19 influenced the internal fraud risks facing mobile operators?
•            What further challenges may lie ahead as we move from health crisis to financial crisis?
•            How can fraud teams enhance internal fraud controls and safeguard their business?

This free webinar series will share practical insights and best practice to help you address the fraud management uncertainties you may be facing today.