XINTEC is a partner of choice in the market for Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance solutions.

Customer loyalty is underpinned by our commitment to creating measurable value throughout the in-life management cycle of our solutions.

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About The Xintec Brand

Our name, XINTEC, is derived from the Chinese word heart and the English word technology. Despite our Irish heritage, we wanted a name that captures both our global reach and our philosophy. A philosophy built on a belief that great technology is borne out of a heart-felt passion to create game-changing products, which deliver a real and sustainable impact for the customers we serve.

We also believe in getting to the heart of the matter, providing the right systems to solve problems and address pain points. Not with over specified, expensive and unwieldy solutions, but with smart, lean, modular technology, which is quick to deploy and requires only light-touch integration, and therefore minimal disruption to an operator’s business.

Who we are

XINTEC is a partner of choice in the market for Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance solutions. Customer loyalty is underpinned by our commitment to creating measurable value throughout the in-life management cycle of our solutions.

Our mission:

“Taking responsibility for the Fraud and Revenue Assurance functions so operators can focus on their core activities – making them more innovative and profitable”

Who benefits

Our value proposition applies to mobile network operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators and Enablers (MVNO / MVNE), IP, VoIP, fixed-line carriers and others. We can help de-risk businesses in a remarkably simple way with a suite of services that are flexible, adaptable, quick to launch, and able to deliver measurable results fast.

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Since inception, XINTEC has been creating measurable value with its game-changing products that deliver a sustainable impact for its customers around the world.
Our value proposition reflects the following customer needs:

Consistently superior products that are 100% useful

An outstanding level of support and/or managed services

A flexible and modular pay-as-you-grow model

A quick and simple delivery and implementation process

Our Philosophy

Although the types of risk to which they are exposed are broadly the same, the larger telecom operators around the world are better equipped to withstand losses than their smaller counterparts. Also, the dissimilarities in financial profiles between large and small organisations, would suggest that new entrants and smaller players are more vulnerable to losses. Larger operators enjoy a greater experience and maturity in implementing more sophisticated risk controls in the areas of revenue assurance and fraud prevention
Irrespective of a communication providers’ size, a CFO or Finance Director’s nightmare is to have to explain to his/her executive team, to shareholders, to own customers, even the general public in some instances, why they didn’t detect an ongoing financial loss or couldn’t prevent a sudden fraud hit.

The increase in the complexity of fraud attacks around the world creates situations of genuine uncertainty for operators. No operator wants to constantly face the threat of being attacked by fraudsters and losing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in just a few days. But we see this happening. There are some spectacular examples of companies being wiped out in a single fraud hit. Customers too want to want to have confidence on their operator. They want a good service, accurate bills, and the knowledge that their mobile device is safe, and that their personal data is protected from theft or loss. At XINTEC we can help de-risk a business in a very simple and cost-effective way with a suite of products that are flexible, adaptable, quick to install, and able to deliver measurable results fast.

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We’re a team of experienced fraud and revenue assurance experts with many years in the telecomunacation industry.

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