XINTEC is a leading provider of fraud and revenue assurance solutions, serving some of the world’s largest telecom brands.

About us

Our name, XINTEC, is derived from the Chinese word heart and the English word technology. Despite our Irish heritage, we wanted a name that captures both our global reach and our philosophy. A philosophy built on a belief that great technology is borne out of a heart-felt passion to create game-changing products, which deliver a real and sustainable impact for the customers we serve.

We also believe in getting to the heart of the matter, providing the right systems to solve problems and address pain points. Not with over specified, expensive and unwieldy solutions, but with smart, lean, modular technology, which is quick to deploy and requires only light-touch integration, and therefore minimal disruption to an operator’s business.

Leadership team

Rob Durran


Sean Killeen

Business Development

Adrian Harris

Fraud & Revenue Assurance Consultant

Yann Le Roux Falvey

Head Of Software Development

Some key projects

Sound project management is the cornerstone of successful delivery.

At XINTEC we help organisations achieve their objectives through the application of tools and techniques that improve our mutual ability to plan, implement, and control activities, as well as the optimal use of our people and resources.
Our customers demand access to experienced teams to solve problems associated with implementing sophisticated projects in increasingly competitive markets. Our project managers have been trained to deliver complex projects in compliance with the latest international project management standards.
We know the secrets of successful projects. Learn more about us to make your decision for cooperation.


Implementation and management of our revenue assurance platform with over 30 reconciliations

Coriolis Telecom

Implementation of real-time fraud detection for IRSF with IMSI blocking


Deployment of our IRSF fraud Module for fraud and marketing teams


Recently upgraded full fraud management suite including pre-paid, Sim Box and Data Fraud Modules

2 Degrees

Latest installation of full FMSevolution suite including IRSF, Fixed Line and Google Play Fraud


Implemented Roaming Fraud Module specifically targeting IRSF in real-time

EI Telecom

Full FMSevolution implementation including IRSF and Subscription Fraud


New installation of FMSevolution including SIM Box Detection, Wangiri and IRSF Fraud modules


Assisting internal and external parties through our NRTRDE Creator Tool