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XINTEC is a 100% privately-owned independent Irish company headquartered in Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland.

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People. Our Passion.

Our dedicated team of trusted professionals with domain and technological experience, expertise and knowledge are driven to ensure that every customer is achieving full capability out of the risk management solutions deployed.

Our objective is not to be a faceless or nameless person on the end of a email or phone, but someone you can build a rapport and relationship with the same aim of defeating fraud and revenue loss.

Senior Management

Rob Durran


Sean Killeen

Head Of Business Development

Adrian Harris

Head Of Operations

Yann Le Roux Falvey


Our Philosophy

The increase in the complexity of fraud attacks around the world creates situations of genuine uncertainty for operators.

No telecom operator wants to constantly face the threat of being attacked by fraudsters and losing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in just a few days. But we see this happening. There are some spectacular examples of companies being wiped out financially and reputationally in a single fraud hit.

Customers too want to want to have confidence in their telecom service provider. They want a good service, accurate bills, and the knowledge that their mobile device is safe, and that their personal data is protected from theft or loss.

At XINTEC we can help de-risk a business in an amazingly simple and cost-effective way with a suite of cost-effective products that are flexible, adaptable, quick to install, and able to deliver measurable results fast. Risk Management. Simplified.

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