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CSPs are moving beyond standard business models, becoming platforms for new products and services. 

To be successful operators require risk management solutions that deliver unrivalled protection from the industry’s major fraud threats and revenue leakages.

They must align with trustworthy and proven partners, who fully understand the complexity of their business and have a technology stack that meets their needs.

We’re built for change, built to evolve, built to thrive…………it’s in our DNA, our technology solutions and our engagement models. It is the essence of who we are.

Our purpose challenges us to find the best technology solutions that help our clients, partners and communities thrive in a world of continuous change and disruption.

Our Values

Our values underpin everything we do and are at the heart of how we run our business and engage with our customers.

Deliver impact

Our culture of agility, our hardwired sense of curiosity and our determined nature to never let any challenge go undefeated means we always deliver tangible outputs and real impact for our customers.

Always evolving

Operating in the technology space means we’re always on the front foot of invention. Innovation is in our DNA. We never stop questioning – “What if?”, “Why not?” to deliver the best solutions for our customers.

Customer first

We like to defy expectations, by coming-up with fresh ways of doing things in response to changing customer needs. Our immersive engagement model means we’re extension of your RA & FM teams, always putting our customers’ needs at the core.

Heartfelt Service

We might be in the business of technology but we’re a people business first and foremost. If it matters to you, then it matters to us. We're warm, inclusive and down to earth. We care about our customers, and each other.

Who we are

Headquartered in Ireland, with customers across the globe, Xintec is a specialist Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management software provider, harnessing cloud based, AI powered technology, to deliver unrivalled protection against major fraud threats and revenue leakages. We enable operators fully monetise their networks assets, and exploit the potential of new value chains as they emerge as 5G starts to roll out.

We’re an experienced community of architects, technologists and domain experts operating for almost 20 years in the telecommunication industry, problem solvers first, technologists second, specialising in all areas of risk management.

Bespoke solutions: No operator is the same, nor is their network. We experiment to optimise for the best outcomes. We deliver bespoke, analytic based solutions, scalable yet easy to implement.

Human thinking for better outcomes: We apply human thinking to optimize for better outcomes. Combining the precision of cloud native technology with human expertise, we help clients remediate faster, iterate quickly and manage stakeholders by identifying and eradicating vulnerabilities before they even occur.

Next generation technology as standard: Our solutions are built using the latest open digital architecture, fully automated, cloud native, 5G ready.

Global reach, local flavour: Leading global brands including Vodafone, Tango, Zain and Orange rely on our capabilities to retain operational integrity and protect their brand reputation. We service clients across EMEA, Africa, and UEA.

Our values

Deliver Impact, Always Evolving, Customer First, Heartfelt Service

Our vision

To continuously push the boundaries of next generation technologies, to eradicate fraud and revenue leakages, and fully monetize emerging digital platforms.

Our brand promise

To provide unrivalled protection so operators can unlock the true value of their network assets and deliver a new wave of disruptive growth.

Our brand purpose

We’re built to thrive. We’re built for change, built to evolve,…………it’s in our DNA, our technology solutions and our engagement models. It is the essence of who we are.

Our purpose challenges us to find the best technology solutions that help our clients, partners and communities thrive in a world of continuous change and disruption.


Since inception, XINTEC has been creating measurable value with its game-changing products that deliver a sustainable financial impact for its customers around the world.
Our value proposition reflects the following customer needs:

Consistently superior products that are proven 100% useful

An outstanding level of reliable support and/or managed services

Proactive dedicated team of professionals focused on your success.

A flexible and modular pay-as-you-grow approach

A quick and simple delivery and implementation process

ISO 9001 international standards to consistently provide products and services to meet customer and regulatory requirements

Who benefits

Our value proposition applies to mobile network operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators and Enablers (MVNO / MVNE), IP, VoIP, fixed-line carriers and others. We help de-risk businesses in a remarkably simple way with a suite of cost-effective services that are flexible, adaptable, quick to launch, and able to deliver measurable results fast.

Let’s collaborate

Send us an email,
to discuss a new project.

We’re a team of experienced fraud and revenue assurance experts with many years in the telecomunacation industry.

Our mission:

“Taking responsibility for the Fraud and Revenue Assurance functions so operators can focus on their core activities – making them more innovative, proactive and profitable”

Our Brand

Our name, XINTEC, is derived from the ancient Chinese meaning heart-mind and the English word technology. Despite our Irish heritage, we wanted a name that captures both our global reach and our philosophy. A philosophy built on a belief that great technology is borne out of a heart-felt passion to create game-changing products, which deliver a real and sustainable impact for the customers we serve.

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