Telecom Fraud is evolving. Should we be afraid?

Love them or hate them, there is a proliferation of auto-generated reports on the internet on any topic you wish to type into an internet search engine. But we are fortunate in that amongst all these reports and surveys there are a few that provide some real and substantiated insights into what is happening when […]

Think cleverer, smaller, leaner and more focused

Telecom fraud surveys in the past few years have typically highlighted the estimated financial losses incurred by telecom service providers and their customers, all occasioned by fraud scams. No matter what way we interpret the statistics and figures contained in these surveys, what is certain is that fraud remains a major debilitating facet of the […]

Scams, Sim Swaps and Spoofing

You have been living under a rock for the last 18 months or so if you have not seen all the press about the scams that have defrauded everyday consumers of their life savings, through the abuse of Covid-19 regulations, delivery and courier cons, government tax demands, bank fraud alerts, etc. Have you even received […]

XINTEC launches cutting-edge risk management solution to communications industry

Wednesday, 22nd September, 2021: XINTEC, a leading specialist in fraud management and revenue assurance software for communications service providers, today unveiled its innovative new risk management tool, iGenuity. The product brings together the best of fraud detection and revenue assurance software in one highly effective tool, to allow customers to customise their risk management platform […]

In support of support

by Adrian Harris We are a software vendor. Our mission is to support our customers and we’re lucky enough to have built a particularly brilliant team over the years. Yet many vendors struggle to recruit customer support staff. To many, support is a role you consider as a last resort. This saddens me. Should you […]

XINTEC appoints Paula Cain to board of directors

Tuesday 6th July, 2020: XINTEC has announced the appointment of Paula Cain to its board of directors.  Paula is an accomplished commercial and portfolio leader with over 20 years’ experience in the ICT industry across the UK and Ireland. She is currently working as an independent advisor helping clients with business growth strategy and execution. […]

XINTEC launches tiered Managed Service offering

Wednesday – 9th June: XINTEC, a global leader in communications fraud and revenue assurance solutions, today revealed its new suite of Managed Services, aimed at providing customers with best-in-class technical solutions backed by its team of skilled fraud and revenue assurance experts. Rob Durran, CEO, XINTEC, said, “The complex nature of fraud and security, and […]