Fraud coverage in under 24 hours

There are three things that discourage fraud teams from implementing novel fraud detection methods for new services: time, money, and the challenge of knowing what controls make sense. XINTEC’s fraud platform lends itself to overcoming these challenges.

Last week, a customer call finished 15 minutes early. The customer asked if we could use the time to help with a solution to monitor their online payment channels. By the end of the call the solution was deployed and operational.

It would be untrue to say the solution was completed in 15 minutes. That would discredit the role the customer played, but it did take less than 24 hours. The bulk of the time was consumed by the customer, using the tools to bring a new data source into the system – done without any input from us.

This speed of progress comes about through a paradigm shift. XINTEC’s solution pivots on three principles:

  • It is rare for someone to know exactly what they want. XINTEC’s tool allows for solutions to be built through exploration, where changes are expected not punished.
  • The product is supported by XINTEC, but the customer is not reliant on XINTEC for such changes. By using open source technologies such as Python and NiFi, the world (Google) becomes part of the support team.
  • Most things are not new. XINTEC’s product allows solutions to be constructed using large-scale copy & paste. A new solution or control is most likely a collection of concepts from other solutions.

Using these principles, the customer was able, with a little support, to quickly turn-up a new fraud solution. It’s a good solution. But if it turns out it should work differently, or can be improved, that’s fine too.

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