Think big. Act bravely. Eliminate revenue leakages. Monetise network assets. Safeguard operational integrity.

Risk management solutions powered by real intelligence.

Xintec provides unrivalled protection from fraud hits and revenue leakages.

Our technology helps eradicate network vulnerabilities and protect operational integrity.

We enable CSPs to account for every dollar and cent generated on their networks.

How we enable success

Human Thinking

We’re problem solvers first, technologists second. We complement your risk management team, applying human thinking for better decision making.  

AI & Machine Learning

Leveraging advanced AI & Machine Learning, and using historical data to predict outcomes more accurately, we provide protection at scale.

Adaptive Technology​

Our next generation technology supports the rapid build of customisable solutions for different environments. Easy to install, configure and maintain.


Our model gives customers the freedom to “build as you grow” providing the flexibility to choose from a multitude of applications to suit business needs.

Protecting Revenue

Your business needs to be fully protected 24x7

At Xintec we provide Communication Service Providers (CSPs) including MVNO’s with unrivalled protection from the industry’s major fraud threats and sources of revenue leakages.

Every CSP experiences unexpected losses. And as they move beyond standard business models to become platforms for new digital services, the risk of fraud hits and revenue losses grows exponentially.

Our adaptive Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management technology is designed to eliminate leakages before they even occur, allowing operators to fully monetise and exploit their networks as new value chains emerge.

No organisation is the same nor is their network. For 15 years we’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading telecommunications companies to safeguard their network assets, increase profitability, and manage risk.

Harnessing the value of next generation services, we protect operational integrity and brand reputation, helping our customers think big and act bravely.

Our customers

Customer references

Our solution


A combined “all-in-one” fraud management and revenue assurance platform with a single purpose: to give you full visibility and control over all your revenues.

We marry human thinking with the precision of next generation technology to unlock the true potential of your network assets.

The Xintecs iGenuity platform is designed to accurately capture revenue for all services rendered on the network.

Our technology is 5G ready and can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. It’s easy to install, configure and maintain.


Words from the CEO

Our CEO, Rob Durran, illustrates why our customers have chosen to work with us. Many of our customer relationships span almost two decades.

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