iGenuity™ - Fraud Management Solution

The XINTEC iGenuity fraud management system is designed to simplify and automate the fraud detection process. iGenuity enables Fraud Analysts to easily and quickly access real-time information on how end customers are using services on their network, or on roaming partner networks.

Any suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity can be instantly identified and brought under control so that financial losses are avoided. iGenuity is modular, and can be deployed on-site, in the Cloud, or as a Managed Service. Easy to install, configure and maintain, iGenuity is an ideal and cost-effective choice for lean fraud management operations or for a rapid response to specific fraud issue.

Our solution

Fraud Types

iGenuity protects against the industry’s most commonly known fraud types…

Wangiri fraud

The system analyses inbound and outbound calls to detect wangiri patterns

IoT-related fraud

This module prevents IoT and DoS related attacks on your network

SIM box fraud

The system uses a pattern analyser and a correlation module to detect fraud

Prepaid fraud

Used to detect frauds that occur at the time of voucher recharges.

SMS spam

The iGenuity spamming module can be applied to SMS, MMS or Voice.

PBX hacking

Identifying high usage and PBX hacking on fixed-line networks.

Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF)

The IRSF module uses several complimentary techniques to identify classic IRSF and Package Abuse (trickle IRSF)

Mobile Money fraud

The system uses a series of techniques to detect and prevent mobile money fraud

Subscription fraud

This module prevents unwanted or fraudulent subscriptions on the network

  • IMEI abuse
  • SIM swapping
  • Voucher fraud
  • Social engineering
  • 5G related fraud
  • IMEI reprogramming
  • Roaming fraud
  • Top-up fraud
  • Mobile commerce fraud
  • SIM stuffing
  • TAP to NRTRDE integrity checks
  • IN fraud
  • M2M fraud
  • Overlapping calls
  • Premium Rate Service (PRS)
  • SIM cloning
  • Mobile malware
  • Proxy fraud

Our solution

What is the right service level for your business?

Managed Services provides for the monitoring and management of Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management (RAFM) systems combined with direct access to skilled domain experts, and is underpinned by a detailed Service Level Agreement.

Key Benefits of this Service


Business reporting on demand to meet your performance objectives


Resource reallocation to core business activity


Best-in-class technical solutions combined with professional fraud expertise


Industry best practice applied to fraud management operations


Management overhead reduced to a minimum to run the service


Performance based SLA means Xintec are fully accountable for results

Our solution

Fraud Managed Services

Today’s operators want efficient and streamlined solutions to address specific needs as they arise.

Our Fraud Management solution doesn’t solely rely on next generation, proprietary technology. We apply human thinking and deep domain expertise to optimize for better outcomes.

Fraud is a fast moving dynamic challenge. No matter how robust systems appear, leakages and fraud breaches can and do occur.

As part of a managed services agreement we effectively become an extension of your fraud management team, providing best of breed solutions and capabilities built up over decades . In doing so we help clients remediate leakages and vulnerabilities before they occur, while guaranteeing to minimise financial losses.

Our solution

How we help your business


Deliverable in off-the-shelf or fully customizable modules rewrew


Will handle large increases in workload without undue strain


Covers all major fraud threats and sources of revenue leakage


A build-as-you-grow strategy to keep costs under control