IRSF Fraud

IRSF is the most damaging fraud type facing CSPs worldwide today and is caused by the artificial inflation of telecommunication traffic or traffic pumping to premium rate numbers around the world. Have you got IRSF under control?

Fraud Types

The IRSF Challenge

Fraud Managers recognise the complexity of this fraud type, and know they are ill-equipped to tackle it effectively.

Why? Because traditional fraud systems are “rules-based”, and alarms are only generated after the attack has occurred.

Fraud Types

How do we solve this problem?

XINTEC offers a unique advantage over other fraud detection techniques. iGenuity generates alerts either before or during the early stages of a fraud attack.

The XINTEC iGenuity Roaming Fraud Detector module generates alerts either before or during the early stages of an IRSF fraud attack.

This is a very key differentiator, as we can now “move the dial” from reactive to predictive fraud detection, saving telcos up to 98% of potential financial losses in a single IRSF case.

Fraud Types

With Roaming Fraud Detector, CSPs can now:

Predict International Revenue Share Fraud attacks before they occur

Reduce IRSF attacks: once fraudsters realise that the telco is protected, they will move to easier targets

Enhance their reputation with the press by giving them good news to print when an IRSF attack is detected early, avoiding issues for the customers

Take more risk with customer acquisition, as IRSF fraudsters will now be identified and blocked early

Alleviate customer concerns that stolen phones and hacked PBXs will not lead to extortionate bills

Substantially improve internal detection and prevention processes