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“Today operators want efficient and streamlined solutions to address specific needs as they arise”

XINTEC products are modular and scalable and can be plugged in to existing control environments with minimal integration.

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Fraud management

Our fraud management system enables easy access to real-time information on how end customers are using services on an Operator’s network, or roaming partner’s network.

Any suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity can be instantly identified and brought under control so that financial losses are averted.

Fraud management with FMSevolution

By automating the fraud detection process, and implementing a mix of standard and custom policies, rules, and thresholds, the work of the analyst is greatly simplified so that he or she can concentrate on solving only the most complex cases.

Our technology gives an Operator the flexibility to pick and choose from a selection of detection modules, corresponding to one or more of the most commonly perpetrated Fraud types, and to deploy the modules only when they are needed.

This effectively provides the Operator with a bespoke fraud management system built around their specific needs.

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Revenue assurance

The XINTEC Revenue Assurance solution is designed for flexibility and speed of implementation.

The solution provides a set of collection, reconciliation, and reporting features, accessible through a smart and intuitive dashboard.

The software is typically deployed in predefined stages, as a range of easy-to-install Revenue Assurance modules requiring only light-touch integration.

Revenue assurance with RAevolution

The system works by analysing and reconciling event detail records (eDRs) from various network sources (GSM, GPRS, Prepaid, Roaming, Interconnect, Billing, Mediation, etc) to identify, monitor and correlate the root causes of revenue leakage.

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IRSF Fraud

IRSF is the most significant fraud threat facing telecom organisations worldwide, costing the industry billions of Euros of revenue each year. Fraud Managers recognise the challenge and complexity of detecting this fraud type, and know they are insufficiently equipped to tackle it effectively.

SIM Box Detection

SIM Box or Interconnect Bypass Fraud is one of the most prevalent frauds today. Fraudsters bypass the interconnect toll charging points to exploit the difference between the high interconnect rates and the low retail price for on-network calls, thus avoiding payment of the official call termination fee of an Operator.

Subscription Fraud

​This is characterised by a fraudster making a dishonest application using false information or a fabricated identity together with forged or stolen documentation to obtain a post-paid subscription(s) to an operator’s services with no intention to pay for the service at the time of application.

SMS Spam

SMS spam is any unsolicited message delivered to a mobile phone as a text message through the Short Message Service (SMS). Although less prevalent than email spam, this type of spam can account for up to 30% of all text messages sent in some countries around the world.

Mobile Money

Mobile money fraud is the organised action undertaken by fraudsters in the mobile financial services ecosystem aimed at deriving illicit financial gain. This activity may also deny other players of revenue and potentially damage the reputation of the other stakeholders in the payment flow.

Usage Assurance

This module performs the more traditional form of Revenue Assurance in ensuring that all usage data in the end-to-end billing chain is loaded into the RAevolution system and checked for discrepancies. This module ensures data consistency in the data stream through the network and achieves this by performing reconciliations between many different types of network element.

Provisioning Audit

This module ensures that all subscribers and services being provisioned in the network are provisioned through a legitimate channel and checks for corresponding provisioning information in the billing system or provisioning support system. Platform integrity checks are performed between all subscriber databases (eg. HLR, MSC, IN, etc.) to ensure provisioning consistency.

Partner Assurance

This module helps in ensuring the accuracy of interconnect data used for billing by the interconnect billing system, and the accuracy of roaming data used for billing roaming traffic. RAevolution reconciles the relevant call records with call records taken from the switch. The operator can use this information to address the root cause of data leakage and thus ensure partner invoice accuracy. Download Flyer

Balance Movement

Balance movement is the process of reconciling the opening and closing balance(s) of a financial system such as the Prepaid System (IN) or Mobile Financial System (MFS). The process compares the calculated closing balance against the system closing balance by applying all credits (e.g. top ups) and debits (e.g. usage) to the system opening balance (closing balance from the previous period).

Consultancy Service

Developing an effective fraud management or revenue assurance strategy requires an accurate assessment of an Operator’s or MVNO’s risk exposure. Once the level of risk is fully identified, effective controls can be implemented to reduce risk and minimise losses. A consultancy exercise will also recommend and design new or improved controls and processes.