Scalable, modular fraud detection with FMSevolution

The XINTEC fraud management system is designed to simplify and automate the fraud detection process.

FMSevolution enables Fraud Analysts to easily access real-time information on how end customers are using services on their network, or on roaming partner networks.

Any suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity can be instantly identified and brought under control so that financial losses are avoided.
FMSevolution is modular, and can be deployed on-site, in the Cloud, or as a Managed Service.

Easy to install, configure and maintain, FMSevolution is an ideal and cost-effective choice for lean fraud management operations.

All common fraud types covered

A wide variety of Fraud scenarios encountered in mobile and fixed-line networks can be identified using our Fraud Management system – FMSevolution.

By automating the fraud detection process, and implementing a mix of standard and custom policies, rules, thresholds, and machine learning algorithms, the work of the analyst is greatly simplified so that he or she can concentrate on solving only the most complex cases.

Most commonly
known fraud types

Other common fraud types

IMEI abuse
IMEI reprogramming
SIM stuffing
SIM swapping
Roaming fraud (inbound and outbound)
TAP to NRTRDE integrity checks

Voucher fraud
Top-up fraud
IN fraud
Social engineering
Mobile commerce fraud
M2M fraud

Overlapping calls
Premium Rate Service (PRS) fraud
SIM cloning
Mobile malware
Proxy fraud
5G releated fraud


Our pay-as-you-grow approach is one of the key benefits of our smart technology, as it gives an operator the flexibility to pick and choose from a selection of detection modules, and to deploy them only when they are needed.

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