A nimble and sensible approach to revenue assurance

The XINTEC Revenue Assurance solution is designed for flexibility and speed of implementation.

And an attractive price tag. The solution provides a set of collection, reconciliation and reporting features, accessible through a smart and intuitive dashboard. The system works by analysing and reconciling event detail records (eDRs) from various network sources (GSM, GPRS, Prepaid, Roaming, Interconnect, Billing, Mediation, etc) to identify, monitor and correlate the root causes of revenue leakage. The software is typically deployed in predefined stages, as a range of easy-to-install modules requiring only light-touch integration.

Usage Assurance

Reconciliation of consumed service from Switch to Billing
Comparison of aggregate data or CDR match
Simple Root Cause Analysis

Provisioning Assurance

Reconciliation of provisioning profiles
Simple rules based configuration
Automated worklist emails
Feedback loading and tracking

Partner Assurance

Reconciliation of partner invoices against detailed consumption
Track missing invoices
Identify unbilled usage

Balance Movement

Audit balance accuracy of prepaid and/or mobile money accounts
Opening/closing balance reconciliation of financial system
Identification of top-N discrepancies

XINTEC 2021 brochure

Coming in April 2021