Why not set up a trial implementation and let XINTEC help you determine the optimal service level for your business.

Not sure what software or service options are right for you?

XINTEC offers demonstration/trial versions of our fraud management and revenue assurance software so you can try before you buy and ensure the product and accompanying service level is the right fit for your business.

For a 60-day period, we will ensure your network is protected from the most harmful fraud attacks, and will put in place the right control points in place to ensure no revenue is being lost.

Trial Offer

Demonstration/trial versions of our FMSevolution and RAevolution product suites are always accompanied by the following:

• Full expertly consultation by XINTEC to design and deliver an optimal trial experience

• The enablement of a level of service matched to your specific requirements

• A suite of in-life tools tailored to the objectives of a trial evaluation