Risk Manager’s Toolkit

The XINTEC Risk Manager’s Toolkit is a software tool designed to help Fraud Managers and Fraud Analysts in their fight to stop International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) and other major fraud types, such as Wangiri.

IRSF detection. The Challenge.

Currently, telecom operators have a limited ability to prevent IRSF, as it spans international jurisdictions, and the perpetrators remain anonymous. The fraud can go undetected for considerable periods of time, racking up costs for the originating operator.

The numbers dialled in an IRSF attack are difficult to detect, as they are typically not part of any official national numbering plan. The originating operator cannot distinguish these numbers as premium rate services, rendering them difficult to monitor by a traditional fraud management system (FMS).

With Risk Manager’s Toolkit, you can check for suspicious numbers in our database of over 5 million international premium rate test-call numbers, or IPRNs, in real time.

You’ll know immediately if there’s a hit, so you can deactivate calls to this number as soon as possible.
All suspicious numbers should be monitored and deactivated, to protect your network from abuse.
With Risk Manager’s Toolkit, you can see the hot listed destinations and number ranges currently advertised by number resellers around the world.
With Risk Manager’s Toolkit, you can also decode and view the contents of NRTRDE and TAP files.
Risk Manager’s Toolkit is simple to use, can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and gives you Visibility and Control of your data around the clock. To download your free trial version of Risk Manager’s Toolkit, please enter your details here