Boost the performance of your business with our unique blend of Managed Services.

Customers are offered a choice of 3 Managed Service Levels, ranging from basic support to full outsourcing.

Outsourcing fraud and revenue assurance to XINTEC

By choosing to outsource some or all of your Fraud and/or Revenue Assurance operation, you get immediate access to a best-in-class suite of products – FMSevolution™ and RAevolution™ – and a team of skillfully trained professionals to help you maximise the value of these products.

Why our customers choose us

We are trusted by operators around the world to secure their networks against fraud and revenue leakage. More than a supplier, we are a true partner that is aligned to your business goals.

Revenue assurance managed services

Designed for operators who may be short on in-house resources or capabilities to implement or manage a Revenue Assurance function within their business, our Managed Service leverages a deep domain expertise to bring customers the very best mix of technology and skillsets to monitor and address critical revenue assurance challenges across the business. As a Managed Service provider, XINTEC is responsible for delivering, implementing and maintaining a top-level service for the customer, whether a mobile network operator, MVNO or fixed-line or other service provider.

The service level agreement

A good service level agreement is essential for smooth relationship with our customers. When things go wrong, the supplier has the job of fixing them. If there is a fraud attack, it must be detected quickly and shut down before the customer incurs a financial loss. A service level agreement should cover all possible scenarios so that businesses can operate with minimal disruption. It is a contract that establishes a set of deliverables that one party has agreed to provide another, seamlessly. Most operators need to comply with the latest financial auditing standards, which can also be reflected in their SLA with the Managed Service provider.

XINTEC value add

However, although complex algorithms may help eliminate false positives, preventing a fraud hit still requires human intervention. At XINTEC, we know our systems and our customers, and we know what we are looking for and how to fix it. That is the added value of our Managed Service.

The future

With more and more operators focusing on their core business, outsourcing of non-core activities is becoming the norm. We provide a range of value adding outsourcing options for your Fraud or Revenue Assurance functions. Outsourcing is designed to suit your needs and budget, bespoke and tailored to what you need, when you need it.