SIM Box Detection and Interconnect Bypass prevention

Vodafone Ghana is one of the latest additions to the Vodafone Group, the world’s leading mobile telecommunications company.

Vodafone Ghana recently deployed the XINTEC SIM Box Detector solution to monitor and prevent interconnect bypass traffic, SIM Gateways, or SIM boxing from causing potentially heavy financial losses to their network.

The Challenge

SIM boxes are particularly prevalent in countries where high charges apply to terminating calls on networks, but where cheap on-net calls are offered instead. This creates the conditions for fraudsters to exploit the price differential using clandestine voice over IP (VoIP) equipment to bypass the traditional interconnect charging points. Vodafone in particular has worked closely with the police to tackle the problem, seizing dozens of SIM boxes and witnessing many arrests.

The Solution

Vodafone Ghana recently deployed the XINTEC SIM Box Detector solution to monitor and prevent interconnect bypass traffic, SIM Gateways, or SIM boxing from causing potentially heavy financial losses to their network.

SIM Box Detector processes 100% of roaming – both national and international – and domestic event detail records (xDRs) to analyse the traffic generated by each active SIM card on the network.
Detecting the presence of SIM boxes is carried about by clever proprietary analytics and the real-time use of over 20 configurable correlation and profiling techniques and decision models that minimise the number of false positive alerts.

The Result

As much as 80% of the alerts generated by SIM Box detector were shown to be genuine bypass cases, as opposed to the typical high incidences of “false positives” known to be associated with this type of detection technique.

The results are displayed visually on a colourful and interactive user-friendly GUI. The presence of the MSISDN in the alerts generated on SIM Box Detector greatly simplifies the life of the analyst, as he/she can easily deactivate SIMs at the click of a button.

SIM Box detector is standalone software solution that can be installed on-site on your network within just days. It can reside alongside an existing FMS, or indeed can be combined with modules of the award-winning XINTEC FMSevolution fraud management system.

For a demo or trial of SIM Box detector on your network contact XINTEC now.

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