6th December 2018 

Telesom, Somaliland’s leading telecoms provider, has announced that it has signed a deal with XINTEC for its FMSevolution tool to monitor for Fraud across its network.

In running all its fixed line and mobile traffic through XINTEC’s leading edge fraud detection system, the company will greatly enhance its protection against the world’s biggest fraud threats. The solution also provides additional detection techniques such as overlapping calls, high-usage detection and associative methods which combined with a unique hotlist database will significantly reduce fraud and deliver outstanding results.

Adnan Dahir, Telesom’s International Relations Manager said, “We were were impressed with both the simple and straightforward model that XINTEC offers, and the quick deployment of the technology. Protecting our network against fraud is of crucial importance and in partnering with XINTEC and launching the FMSevolution tool we are confident that we have best in class measures now in place to safeguard our network.”

Commenting on the deal, Sean Killeen, CEO of XINTEC said, “We are delighted to partner with Telesom to enhance the security of their operation and prevent any potential future financial losses through fraud. Together with our rapidly expanding customer base, we are now leading the charge on tackling the world’s largest fraud threats in a cost effective way and creating a virtual army against this ever-growing threat to our industry.”

XINTEC’s FMSevolution solution is a real-time fraud detection tool. With FMSevolution, Fraud Managers can now access comprehensive reporting on alerts, data and traffic using an easy-to-use Web dashboard. With its live database of over 1.5 million test call numbers, FMSevolution can immediately alert its customers if an attack using these test numbers is dialled from anywhere in the world.

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