STOP fraudsters profiting from Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis.

Surge in advertised IPRNs since the Russian invasion

As hundreds of thousands of horror-stricken Ukrainians try to flee or take shelter from the Russians ruthless military invasion, shameless fraudsters have pounced on the opportunity to make a quick buck.

The surge in advertised Ukrainian premium-rate numbers – often used by fraudsters to generate illicit revenues for themselves – has coincided with the generous offer of free/discounted calls being offered by many Telecom Operators around the world to allow friends and family with loved ones in the Ukraine to keep in touch during the crisis in that country.

Colin Yates, Director and Principal Consultant

Colin Yates recommends that several hundred Ukrainian numbers considered high risk should be blocked and/or closely monitored with immediate effect to prevent abuse.

Colin is the author of the PRISM IRSF TEST NUMBER DATABASE

“The most effective IRSF detection tool available”.

Download IPRN Numbers here

We are offering to share the list of currently advertised IPRNs with numbers terminating in Ukraine with Operators providing free or discounted calls to Ukraine, to try and stop fraudsters from exploiting their generous offers.

To request a copy of this list please complete and return this form.

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