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Better Revenue Protection Starts Here

Irrespective of a communication providers’ size, a CFO or Finance Director’s nightmare is to have to explain to his/her executive team, to shareholders, to own customers, even the general public in some instances, why they didn’t detect an ongoing financial loss or couldn’t prevent a sudden fraud hit.

The increase in the complexity of fraud attacks around the world creates situations of genuine uncertainty for operators. No operator wants to constantly face the threat of being attacked by fraudsters and losing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in just a few days. But we see this happening. There are some spectacular examples of companies being wiped out in a single fraud hit.

Customers too want to want to have confidence on their operator. They want a good service, accurate bills, and the knowledge that their mobile device is safe, and that their personal data is protected from theft or loss.

At XINTEC we can help de-risk a business in a very simple and cost-effective way with a suite of products that are flexible, adaptable, quick to install, and able to deliver measurable results fast.

XINTEC | A Cost Leadership Strategy

For telecom operators, whether traditional MNO, MVNE / MVNO, VoIP, fixed-line carrier or other, the price point at which they should seek to acquire loss prevention technology or related services is becoming increasingly critical.

Traditional solution offerings are largely concentrated amongst a handful of established “tier 1” suppliers commanding high premiums on their products. A practice which is no longer sustainable in our view, or at least not applicable to our customers.

By considerably lowering the cost of Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance solutions, the market immediately opens to a host of new players, to whom case for simple and more cost-effective tools to de-risk a business becomes a compelling one.

At XINTEC we achieve this cost leadership position by developing software solutions which are at a price which is lower or more competitive than other companies offering equally compelling products.

XINTEC | How We Achieve Cost Reduction
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When it comes to implementing sensible cost reductions at XINTEC our agenda is driven and measured by the following criteria, to mention a few:

+ A lean product development model and mostly off-the-shelf products

+ Less product differentiation: we don’t offer all the product enhancements that many market players do (our customers don’t require them)

+ Efficient Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) models
Operating principles based on simple and repeatable processes

+ Tight accounting controls on costs and expenses

+ An optimal number of touch points with customers

+ Cost-sensitive distribution channels

+ A choice business location offering unique mix of talent and serviceable wage costs