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At Xintec we help communication service providers grow their business by protecting them from revenue loss and fraud attacks. We combine innovative technology with a trusted team of experts to enhance our customers’ financial integrity.

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Mobile Money Services

Mobile Money is one of the fastest growing telecom services in Africa, which is why Orange Money in Côte d’Ivoire needed a trusted partner to support them in delivering an efficient mobile money system that guarantees safety and reliability for its customers and the operator itself.

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What is iGenuity and how can it benefit you?

“iGenuity is flexible, adaptable, and can scale as the customer grows…”

Yann Le Roux Falvey,
CTO, Xintec

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Network Intelligence with a Human Touch

At Xintec, we apply human thinking at every stage of our customer’s journey. No two service providers are the same, nor are their networks, so we continuously experiment to deliver the best solution in each case.


We're an established team of architects, technologists and domain experts with over 20 years' experience in the IT & Communications industry. Our people-centered approach to customer service is what makes us different.


Our iGenuity platform is designed for unrivalled flexibility and speed of implementation, to optimise return on investment. iGenuity is 5G ready and can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. It’s easy to install, configure and maintain.


Our service is 100% effective, offering real-time visibility of live network data. By enabling our customers to fully monetise their network assets, we help them exploit the potential of new value chains as they emerge and 5G starts to roll out.


A combined “all-in-one” revenue assurance and fraud management platform with a single purpose: to give you full visibility and control over your entire revenue stream.

iGenuity incorporates the latest in analytics, machine learning and AI techniques for a complete 360-degree view.

iGenuity for Revenue Assurance and Fraud Managemnt is modular, and can be deployed on-site, in the Cloud, or as a Managed Service. Easy to install, configure and maintain, iGenuity is the smart choice for revenue assurance professionals globally.

Targeted Telecom Success

Practical strategies for financial integrity.
Maximize earnings, minimize leakage.
Detect, deter, and defeat telecom fraud.
Sharper Forecasts, Stronger Finances.
Streamline operations for peak business.
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
Ensure global financial compliance.
International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF)
Safeguard your revenue from threats.

What Our Customers Say

Will iGenuity fit your business?

Safe Revenue, Always


Easy Fraud Detection

Xintec’s iGenuity helps you keep track of every cent. Our tool is easy to use and cuts straight to the chase: finding and stopping revenue leaks. We make it easier for you to stop fraud and revenue losses. With Xintec, protecting your telecom’s revenue is simple and effective, leaving you free to focus on your business growth.