Reliable Platform Assurance in Telecom Auditing

Our platform assurance focuses on critical telecom operations, ensuring consistent, accurate service and billing experiences for operators prioritising efficiency and control.

Precision Telecom Service Auditing

Our approach focuses on a comprehensive framework, addressing crucial aspects of platform auditing. Our solution is built around a robust Framework for Consistency Checking, equipped with powerful ETL components for effective data management.

We offer an easily configurable Rule Configuration system, enabling users to set precise service provisioning and billing checks. Our platform fosters efficient Tracking and Information Exchange, crucial for identifying and resolving system issues. Issue Resolution is streamlined, with mechanisms for tracking fixes to prevent recurrence.
The Control and Monitoring feature ensures operational stability, while our emphasis on Preventing Billing Issues and Catastrophic Situations highlights our commitment to safeguarding the financial and operational health of telecom services.

Key Components of Our Solution

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Consistency Checking Framework

Verify service and billing alignment with our specialised ETL components.

Configurable Rule

Verify service and billing alignment with our specialised ETL components.

Efficient Issue

Mechanisms in place for identifying and resolving system issues.

Core Features for Operational Excellence

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Proactive Issue Resolution
Regular tracking and resolution of issues to maintain service quality.
Operational Control and Monitoring
Monitoring capabilities to identify deviations and maintain stability.
Billing Accuracy Assurance
Preventing billing challenges to ensure financial health.

Safeguarding Against Operational Risks

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Commitment to Telecom Excellence

At Xintec, our mission is tailored to the unique challenges faced by telecom operators, especially those with under 20 million subscribers. Our comprehensive platform assurance framework is designed with an acute awareness of the complexities in telecom operations.
We prioritize consistency in service provision, billing accuracy, and effective resolution of operational issues. Our solution encompasses crucial components like Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) for seamless data verification, configurable rules for precise checks, and robust tracking mechanisms for proactive issue identification.
Understanding that smaller operators often rely on manual processes, our approach offers a transformative shift towards automation, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy. This shift is vital in a landscape where reliable, consistent service is paramount.

Ready for precision in your telecom audits? Connect with xintec to see how our framework can transform your operations for the better.

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