About Us

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Who We Are

Headquartered in Ireland, with customers across the globe, Xintec is a specialist Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management software provider for the Communications industry.

We help customers protect their revenue assets by delivering bespoke, analytics-based solutions that are scalable yet easy to implement. Our solutions are built using the latest open digital architecture: fully automated and cloud native.

Our expertise lies in helping customers remediate faster and iterate more quickly, thus eradicating vulnerabilities in their systems and processes before they even occur.

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Standing Out in The Crowd

Xintec Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management software are built for change, built to evolve, built to thrive… it’s in our DNA, our technology and our engagement models. It is the essence of who we are.

Our purpose challenges us to build the best solutions to help our clients thrive in a world of continuous change and disruption.

Our Core Values

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Our specialists are some of the most experienced in the business of RA and Fraud Management. We’re at the forefront of change, and we know how to quickly adapt our systems to meet whatever challenges are out there.


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Operating in the technology space means we are always inventing and always experimenting to do better. We never stop asking ourselves – “What if?”, “Why not?”, or “How about?”, in order to deliver the best and most bespoke solutions for our customers.


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We’re people’s people first and foremost. If it matters to you, then it matters to us. We’re warm, inclusive, and down to earth. We care about our customers and their needs and we care for each other.


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We work as partners with our customers, building relationships from the outset to achieve lasting results. Our customers trust us to protect their business because they know we always go that extra mile with our services.


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No provider is the same, nor is their network and our platform is specifically designed to scale and flex as per customers’ needs. We tailor each solution based on requirements and then we continuously adapt and evolve the solution as requirements change.

Our Executive Team

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