SMS Phishing Detection Strategy

Xintec’s proactive approach protects networks and users from SMS phishing through comprehensive detection and prevention, optimized for telecom environments.

SMS Phishing Threat Insights

SMS phishing, or smishing, presents a growing challenge for telecom operators and their customers, exploiting text messaging to deceive individuals into sharing personal information. Cybercriminals employ methods like software to verify targeted mobile numbers, bypassing detection by operators focused on landline monitoring. 

These fraudsters also create automated shops for selling stolen data and offer services to host phishing sites, complicating the fight against smishing. With a reported increase of over 328% in smishing incidents in 2020, the importance of vigilant monitoring and prevention is undeniable. 

Despite the rise in smishing, public awareness seems to be waning, with only 23% of people showing familiarity with this form of phishing in 2022. Telcos can play a crucial role in curbing these attacks by enhancing monitoring systems for signups and transactions, helping prevent their networks from being exploited by smishing operations.

Cutting Smishing Risks Down

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Intelligent Number

Smart systems filter mobile numbers to block smishing efforts and secure communication.

Early Fraud

Innovative technology spots irregular patterns, preventing smishing before it impacts customers.

Customer Smishing

Informing customers about smishing tactics enhances their ability to detect and avoid fraud.

Telecom Network Integrity Ensured

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Surveillance Systems
Monitor transactions closely to swiftly identify and address any signs of smishing activities.
Unified Security
Partner with customers, sharing knowledge and strategies to prevent smishing attacks together.
Compliance Assurance
Ensure your anti-fraud efforts are fully compliant with both industry standards and regulations.

Smishing-Resilient System

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Xintec Shields Against Smishing

Amidst the escalating challenge of smishing, Xintec stands at the forefront, offering proactive fraud detection and prevention solutions. Our unique approach targets the intricacies of SMS phishing by leveraging real-time analytics to scrutinize text message traffic for fraudulent patterns. 

By employing cutting-edge technologies, Xintec validates mobile numbers and monitors transactional activities, effectively reducing the window of opportunity for smishers. Xintec’s platform facilitates the hosting of secure and monitored environments, diminishing the chances for smishing campaigns to succeed. 

This diligent focus on prevention rather than mere detection underscores our commitment to safeguarding telecom networks and their customers. Through Xintec’s strategic interventions, telecom operators gain the capability to shield their ecosystems against the pervasive threat of smishing, thereby preserving integrity and customer trust.

Amplify your telecom security, decisively combat and halt SMS phishing threats with our expert solutions.

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