Stop SIM Swapping and Jacking Fraud

Xintec fights SIM swapping fraud by prioritising detection, verification, and education, ensuring your telecom network’s security against sophisticated fraud tactics.

Prevent SIM Swap Fraudulence

SIM Swapping and SIM Jacking present significant risks to customer security, leading to unauthorised access to SMS messages and phone calls. These frauds involve transferring a victim’s phone number to a SIM card controlled by the fraudster, exploiting OTPs and 2FA meant to secure accounts and transactions.

The attack begins when fraudsters deceive telecom customer service into reassigning the victim’s number to their SIM, gaining instant access to critical security codes. Telecom operators combat these threats by integrating multi-factor authentication systems for number transfer requests, reducing fraudulent activities.
Effective prevention hinges on diligent verification processes and customer education about potential risks, aiming to shield accounts from unauthorized interceptions and ensure the integrity of personal and financial information.

Secure SIM Fraud Strategies

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Ensure customer identity verification through multiple checks before SIM information updates.

Consumer Insight

Guide consumers to detect phishing scams, enhancing their personal account security.

Anomaly Detection

Activate early warning systems to identify potential SIM swap fraud activities.

Protect Your Telecom Infrastructure

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Security Protocol Vigilance
Use simple steps to stop unauthorised SIM changes, keeping customer information safe.
Continuous Innovation Cycle
We keep improving our methods to catch fraudsters faster and protect you better.
Expert Support Access
Get easy access to our experienced team for quick help with security worries.

Simplified Fraud Protection Approach

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Secure Your Telecom Future With Xintec

Facing the surge of SIM swap fraud, Xintec deploys innovative solutions, integrating technology and industry expertise to mitigate these threats effectively. Our strategy encompasses direct actions against SIM swapping by enhancing the verification process, closely monitoring for unusual activities, and educating customers on security practices.

We proactively update our systems to catch fraud attempts early, ensuring your network remains secure against unauthorised access.

This approach reflects our commitment to not just react to threats, but to stay ahead, providing peace of mind for operators and their customers alike. Through diligent analysis and targeted action, we prevent potential revenue losses and protect the integrity of your customer relationships.

Upgrade your protection, combat SIM swapping and SIM jacking effectively with our expert solutions.

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