Tackling Bypass Fraud

Xintec delivers targeted solutions for bypass fraud, boosting a telecom operators’ ability to safeguard revenues and maintain service integrity in the face of fraudulent activities.

Techniques Against Bypass Fraud

Bypass fraud significantly impacts telecom revenues, with annual losses reaching $3.11 billion. This fraud type involves rerouting international calls using SIM boxes or GSM gateways to exploit varying termination rates.
Typically, a call from Operator A to Operator B’s customer incurs a termination fee. Fraudulent operators reduce their costs by redirecting these calls through cheaper routes, pocketing the difference. While this practice lowers their expenses, it often results in poor call quality, affecting customer satisfaction.

Combatting bypass fraud is crucial for maintaining revenue integrity and service quality. Operators need to implement robust monitoring and security measures to detect and prevent these unauthorised reroutings. Staying vigilant and adapting to new fraud methods is essential in safeguarding telecom operations against these revenue threats.

Proactive Fraud Defence Tactics

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Robust Anomaly

Identify, analyse, and mitigate SIM box fraud quickly using advanced technology.

Service Quality

Enhance call quality, boosting customer trust and satisfaction in telecom services.

Financial Safeguards Implementation

Effectively prevent revenue loss by detecting and addressing fraudulent telecom activities.

Telecom Risk Management Precision

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Real-Time Monitoring
Implement surveillance systems for immediate detection and response to irregular and potentially fraudulent call activities.
Regulation Adherence
Adopt practices that meet regulatory standards, ensuring fraud management is compliant and up-to-date.
Advanced Analytics
Use sophisticated analytics to unravel complex fraud patterns, improving strategies for telecom fraud protection.

Future-Proof Fraud Solutions

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Xintec's Strategic Fraud Resilience

Xintec addresses interconnect bypass fraud with strategic insight and tailored solutions. This form of fraud significantly disrupts revenue and erodes client trust, demanding more than standard responses. Our approach transcends simple fraud detection.
We craft solutions that convert challenges into opportunities for strengthening your operations. Integrating real-time monitoring with sophisticated AI-driven analytics, our systems are custom-developed for the unique needs of each telecom operator.
We collaborate closely to protect revenues and enhance service standards, focusing on elevating customer experiences. Xintec’s approach to telecom fraud management is proactive and insightful, designed to align revenue protection with overall business growth and heightened customer satisfaction.

Take immediate action to fortify your telecom operations against the financial threats of bypass fraud.

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