Wholesale Fraud Prevention Solutions

iGenuity by Xintec identifies and addresses Wholesale Fraud in telecoms, ensuring accurate billing and protecting revenues with AI-driven traffic analysis.

Wholesale Fraud Insight & Action

Wholesale fraud significantly impacts telecom operators, with evolving techniques like Wangiri and PBX hacking posing new challenges. These frauds lead to revenue loss and customer distrust from unexpected charges. The shift to IP-based communication platforms has only increased vulnerabilities, making traditional fraud detection methods less effective.

iGenuity addresses these issues with an AI-driven approach, analysing voice traffic to identify fraudulent activities quickly. By focusing on both inbound and outbound calls, iGenuity ensures comprehensive protection against wholesale fraud.

This method not only helps in preventing revenue loss but also in maintaining customer trust by proactively identifying and mitigating potential frauds, thereby securing the financial health and reputation of telecom operators in a rapidly changing technological sector.

Our Edge in Fraud Detection

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Traffic Insight

Analyses every call detail, inbound and outbound, catching fraud more quickly and effectively.

Fraud Spotting

Identifies complex fraud, including Wangiri, Robocalls, PBX hacking, with unmatched precision and speed.

Customer Trust

Shields customers from unexpected charges, building trust through proactive fraud detection measures.

Why iGenuity Stands Out

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Swift Fraud Response
AI quickly identifies and mitigates fraud, effectively reducing losses and protecting revenues efficiently.
Seamless Tech Evolution
Adapts to telecom advancements and evolving fraud methods, ensuring ongoing protection and efficiency.
Solid Network Safety
Safeguards operations and customer trust by maintaining high security without affecting service quality.

Wholesale Fraud Protection Perks

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Secure Your Network with Us

Xintec, through its iGenuity platform, offers an AI-driven Fraud Management System (FMS) designed to combat telecom fraud by analysing voice traffic both inbound and outbound. This approach is crucial for uncovering complex fraud scenarios such as Wangiri, Robocalls, and PBX hacking.

By integrating advanced AI, Xintec enables telecom operators to proactively identify and mitigate fraudulent activities, protecting revenues and customer trust. Our solution is specifically developed for the telecom industry, ensuring operators can efficiently prevent losses due to fraud while maintaining network integrity.

Xintec’s commitment to capitalising on cutting-edge technology positions telecom providers to effectively guard against both existing and future fraud challenges, securing their operations and safeguarding their bottom line.

Defend your revenue and secure your network's future against wholesale fraud with us.

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