Effective IRSF Threat Management

Xintec defends your telecom operations from IRSF, using advanced technology and expert insights to protect against global fraud threats.

Simplifying IRSF Protection

IRSF, or International Revenue Share Fraud, is a critical concern for telecom companies as it drains revenue via increasingly complex schemes. Telecom operators are forced to respond to ongoing threats as fraud schemes become ever more advanced, manipulating international premium rate numbers (IPRNs) for profit.

To stand up to IRSF, your telecom company needs vigilant defences and we can handle this for you. At Xintec, our approach combines initial rapid detection with advanced analysis to provide a dependable shield against IRSF. This two-stage process efficiently identifies and predicts fraudulent activities to minimise operational disruption.

You can empower your network with Xintec’s specialised IRSF detection methods, tailored for telecom operators like you to ensure that your revenue streams are protected from sophisticated fraud. You can make the most of our expertise to ensure that your operations are safe in the evolving landscape of telecom fraud, keeping your revenues and your customer base secure.

Our Approach to IRSF Detection

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Machine Learning Precision

We provide quick identification with minimal resources, targeting fraudulent patterns in telecom traffic.

Behavioral Pattern

Our systems can differentiate fraud from legitimate changes, ensuring accuracy in fraud detection efforts.

Predictive Modelling Efficacy

At Xintec, we anticipate fraudulent activities through advanced statistical analysis, so we can stay ahead of threats.

Distinctive Xintec Advantages

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Fast Deployment Precision
We will quickly integrate solutions to immediately enhance fraud prevention measures.
Managed Service Expertise
We offer expert monitoring and response, ensuring that our telecom fraud management service consistently provides the very best standards for you.
Flexible Response Protocol
Our systems can easily adapt to new fraud trends, keeping your network secure and compliant.

Revenue Integrity Assurance

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Xintec's IRSF Detection Expertise

International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) is a pervasive issue, exploiting telecom networks through high-volume calls to premium rate numbers, silently draining revenue.

At Xintec, our innovative approach is designed to target this specific form of fraud, using machine learning to analyse call patterns and volumes as well as distinguishing between legitimate business and fraudulent activity efficiently.

Imagine your network safeguarded by our dual-stage analysis, where early detection and predictive modelling preempt revenue loss, ensuring that your operations are protected against the most sophisticated IRSF schemes.

Partner with us at Xintec for guaranteed IRSF protection. Our tailored solutions are designed for rapid deployment and immediate impact to give you peace of mind. We offer robust, effective defences that allow you to stay ahead of fraud attempts in the ever-evolving telecom sector.

Guard your revenue against IRSF threats with customised solutions that detect and prevent fraud.

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