IFRS Reporting Solutions

At Xintec, we enable telecoms to master IFRS Reporting with advanced, efficient revenue assurance tools for optimal compliance and financial integrity.

Precision in Revenue Accounting

Telecom financial reporting faces significant challenges due to the complexity of the services offered and the volume of data that is being processed. At Xintec, we have developed a system that directly addresses these issues by simplifying IFRS compliance. This process makes it possible to automate data collection and processing to ensure accurate financial reporting across diverse telecom portfolios, and this means you can rely on us to take the stress out of the process.

With our systems in place, telecom companies can accurately recognise revenue and maintain compliance with global financial standards. We focus on precision and efficiency so that you can manage your financial reporting responsibilities effectively, cutting out the need for manual intervention.

Our approach is designed to streamline the compliance process and also works to support better financial decision making by providing reliable, audit-quality data. It’s our priority to ensure that our technology adapts to evolving standards, so we can always offer you robust, future-proof financial practices.

Pillars of Financial Assurance

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Integrated Data

We will help you to balance diverse data, ensuring comprehensive oversight for financial reporting accuracy.

Precise Revenue

Aligns telecom offerings with revenue entries, guaranteeing accurate financial recognition.

Enhanced Reporting Clarity

Our system is designed to significantly boost the transparency and accuracy of financial statements for stakeholders.

Audit-Grade Compliance

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IFRS Alignment Protocol
We constantly adjust our financial reporting systems to match IFRS changes, keeping your telecom services compliant and forward looking.
Economic Oversight Advantage
We assure you of excellence, offering high quality financial oversight, so that you don’t have to choose between quality and affordability.
Analytical Data Quality
We will use precise analytics to improve your financial data accuracy, ensuring that you are delivering informed compliance strategies.

Optimising Compliance Through Data

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Strategic Revenue Integrity Framework

You will be aware that Telecom and Utility industries have seen a recent shift towards full IFRS adoption, and this means that we must pay even more detailed attention to the way revenues are recorded and reported.

Our system is designed with this in mind, removing the conventional hurdles to provide a reliable structure that can accurately manage large volumes of data and improve the precision of financial forecasts and audits.

This approach is guaranteed to meet the stringent requirements of IFRS, and it goes further, to turn financial rigour into a key asset for your business and assure your focus on operational efficiency and expansion. When you use our system, navigating the complexities of financial standards becomes an integral part of your growth strategy, not just a regulatory checkbox.

Our specialised solution optimises your IFRS compliance and delivers precise financial insights that are aligned with the regulatory requirements.

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