Wangiri Fraud Protection

Xintec provides targeted strategies to counteract Wangiri fraud, effectively shielding your network from this complex and financially damaging telecommunications scheme.

Wangiri Fraud Operational Shield

Wangiri fraud, a cunning scheme of short, misleading calls, costs the telecom industry an alarming $2.23 billion yearly. It thrives on exploiting customer curiosity, leading them to return missed calls to premium-rate numbers, resulting in hefty charges.
Telecom operators are often caught off guard, facing significant financial losses and customer dissatisfaction. Xintec’s solution, iGenuity, steps in to address this challenge. Our system precisely monitors call patterns, identifying and alerting unusual spikes to potentially expensive destinations.
We empower telecom companies with real-time data and analytics, equipping them to combat these fraudulent activities effectively. By partnering with Xintec, operators not only protect their revenue but also maintain their customer trust, crucial in this competitive industry.

Strategic Wangiri Fraud Safeguards

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Pattern Recognition Analysis

Rapid detection of irregular activities, essential for proactive defense against sophisticated telecom fraud.

Insightful Data

Employs advanced analytics for deep fraud pattern recognition, ensuring robust and timely intervention.

Operational Control Interface

Intuitively designed for efficient management, enabling swift responses to emerging fraud threats.

Defending Against Wangiri Threats

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Rapid Implementation
Effective deployment minimises revenue loss by establishing solid Wangiri fraud protections.
Customisable Alerts
Tailored alert settings enable focused, efficient responses to emerging fraudulent activities.
Continuous Updates
Evolving solutions keep pace with new Wangiri fraud tactics, ensuring lasting protection.

Telecom Security Assured

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Upgrading Revenue Security with iGenuity

Xintec’s iGenuity is a dynamic solution for telecom operators facing the complexities of revenue protection. iGenuity is designed to specifically address the unique challenges in telecom revenue assurance, offering an integrated and comprehensive approach to safeguarding revenues.

Our system is crafted for seamless integration with existing infrastructures, providing detailed insights and actionable analytics. Our focus is on delivering rapid deployment and user-friendly operation, enabling your team to effectively identify and counter risks associated with Wangiri fraud and other revenue threats.
iGenuity represents more than a tool, it’s a partnership in ensuring financial integrity, supported by our extensive expertise in the telecom sector. Enhance your financial resilience and operational efficiency with Xintec’s forward-thinking solutions.

Combat roaming fraud effectively. Connect with Xintec for tailored, powerful protection solutions now.

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