Combatting PBX Hacking Risks

Xintec delivers innovative PBX hacking detection and response strategies, essential for modern telecom revenue assurance and fraud prevention.

PBX Hacking Operational Insights

PBX hacking poses distinct challenges within the IRSF landscape, characterized by unauthorised access to business telephony systems. These systems, integral to company operations, inadvertently become conduits for fraudulent international calls. 

This form of hacking diverges from traditional mobile-based IRSF by its reliance on physical infrastructure within organisational settings. For telecom operators, discerning these patterns is imperative. Effective fraud detection hinges on differentiating normal and abnormal PBX activities, considering variables such as call durations and destinations. 

Our strategy integrates rigorous monitoring with intelligent analytics, focusing on preserving your network’s integrity and safeguarding against sophisticated PBX hacking tactics. By staying vigilant and employing intelligent pattern recognition, we enable operators to effectively counter PBX hacking efforts, ensuring their telecommunication ecosystems are securely defended against these sophisticated tactics.

Strategies for PBX Fraud Control

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Profiling PBX

Identifying standard PBX call behaviors for precise anomaly detection.

PBX Call

Deep analysis to distinguish usual and unusual PBX call patterns.

Targeting Call

Monitoring unusual destination patterns for early PBX fraud detection.

PBX Fraud Defense Solutions

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Automated Monitoring
Advanced systems continuously monitor PBX activity, identifying anomalies for efficient fraud detection.
Learning Algorithms
Machine learning analyses call patterns, continuously evolving to recognise new trends in telecom fraud.
Real-time Alerting
Immediate alert systems notify of suspicious PBX activities, enabling quick, effective fraud response.

PBX Fraud Counter measures

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Your Shield Against PBX Threats

At Xintec, safeguarding telecom infrastructures against PBX fraud extends beyond mere surveillance; it’s about integrating sophisticated technology with an in-depth understanding of telecommunication systems. Our strategy is expertly crafted to not only identify but also anticipate and thwart IRSF via PBX hacking. 

Utilising the synergy of machine learning and automation, our solutions are designed to dynamically adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunication threats. We focus on continual learning from system interactions, enabling our solutions to evolve and offer more effective protection. 

Our commitment is to empower your network’s defense, reinforcing the safety and integrity of your telecom services with cutting-edge, informed strategies that reflect both Xintec’s expertise and industry best practices.

Strengthen your network's defense against IRSF with our specialised PBX fraud detection solutions.

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