Roaming Fraud Solutions Redefined

Xintec tackles roaming fraud through real-time global surveillance and strategic response to ever-changing fraudster tactics, safeguarding telecom revenues.

Roaming Fraud Strategic Insights

Roaming fraud remains a critical challenge in telecom, continuously adapting with technological advancements. The introduction of NRTRDE significantly expedited fraud detection, reducing data exchange delays between operators. Yet, as technologies such as CAMEL (Customised Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic), VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) have become more prevalent, fraudsters have found new avenues to exploit.

These technologies, while offering enhanced communication services, have inadvertently expanded the scope for International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF). Also, they have influenced the shift in roaming fraud tactics,from traditional SIM card strategies to more complex schemes leveraging cost differences between operators or markets (arbitrage).
To counter these evolving threats, Xintec focuses on innovative monitoring methods, including detailed IMSI-MSISDN pairing analysis and tracking unusual data traffic, to safeguard against these advanced roaming fraud techniques.

Fraud Mitigation Essentials

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IMSI Surveillance Tactics

Monitoring IMSI-MSISDN pairings identifies spoofing, crucial for fraud prevention.

Traffic Pattern Scrutiny

Analyzing inconsistent IMSI and MSISDN data traffic detects potential roaming fraud activities.

Roaming Cost Regulation

Strategically capping roaming costs prevents unexpected fraud-related financial losses.

Essential Fraud Detection Techniques

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Immediate Activity Insight
Real-time tracking for swift detection and response to unusual subscriber activity patterns.
Adaptive Tech Evolution
Evolving solutions to counter new, sophisticated fraud tactics with advanced analytics.
Fraud Pattern Decoding
Identifying subtle anomalies in behaviors and patterns for comprehensive fraud detection.

Roaming Revenue Integrity

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Telecom Fraud Risk Control

At Xintec, our strategy is deeply rooted in industry-specific expertise and real-world fraud monitoring applications. We prioritise a thorough understanding of fraud mechanisms, such as the evolving aspects of roaming fraud, IMSI spoofing, and SIM Box vulnerabilities.

Our approach emphasizes adapting to changing fraud patterns, particularly in the context of TAP and NRTRDE relevance and the challenges posed by technologies like CAMEL, VoIP, and IMS. By focusing on tailored strategies for detection and prevention, we ensure operators are well-prepared to neutralise both established and emerging fraud risks.

Partnering with Xintec means gaining access to dedicated, informed defenses against the multifaceted nature of telecom fraud, keeping your operations secure and your revenues protected.

Guard your telecom business from roaming fraud with our specialised, effective fraud risk control solutions.

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