Balance Movement Assurance

Addressing Prepaid, Mobile Money, and Loan balance movements with automation.

Ensuring Accurate Balance Movements

In telecom, accurate balance movements are crucial. Prepaid systems, Mobile Money, and Prepaid loans involve complex transactions that must be strictly verified daily. Errors, especially those related to timing discrepancies around midnight, can introduce significant financial inaccuracies.

Our Balance Movement Assurance tool focuses on these challenges, employing automated correction mechanisms to ensure opening and closing balances match perfectly, accounting for all credits and debits. This approach not only simplifies the verification process but also addresses the common and complex issues of false alarms, enhancing operational efficiency and financial integrity.

By prioritising automation, Xintec offers an innovative solution to telecom operators, ensuring every transaction is accurately captured and billed, protecting against revenue loss. By integrating Xintec’s Balance Movement Assurance tool, telecom operators can fortify their defences against inaccuracies.

Automated Correction Mechanisms

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Prepaid Systems

Guarantees every transaction tallies correctly, ensuring total accuracy in balances.

Mobile Money

Delivers banking-level reliability to mobile money, ensuring secure transactions.

Prepaid Loans

Offers clear management for subscriber loans, simplifying repayments and top-ups.

Advanced Solution for Financial Integrity

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Rapid Detection and Correction
Swiftly pinpoints and resolves true issues, cutting down on the need for time-consuming manual verification efforts.
Minimised False Alarms
Efficiently separates genuine discrepancies from false alerts, reducing unnecessary checks and improving focus.
Enhanced Financial Integrity
Ensures every bill reflects actual usage, safeguarding revenue and reinforcing trust through precise accounting.

Our Pledge to Telecom Operators

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Strengthening Revenue Protection

Xintec’s Balance Movement Assurance brings exceptional value to telecom operators, addressing the critical challenges of verifying balance movements in prepaid systems, mobile money, and prepaid loans.
Our solution stands out by offering automated correction mechanisms that effectively handle timing discrepancies and false alarms, a common hurdle in the industry. This not only streamlines the verification process but also significantly reduces the need for manual intervention, allowing operators to focus on core business activities.
This broad approach to financial assurance underscores our commitment to delivering technical excellence and operational reliability, driving tangible improvements in financial health and customer relations.

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