The iGenuity FMS

The iGenuity Fraud Management System will secure your revenue by pinpointing and addressing telecom fraud with precision and efficiency.

iGenuity Fraud Prevention Focus

Telecom fraud poses a significant threat to revenue and customer trust. iGenuity Fraud Management System (FMS) offers an effective solution by proactively identifying and neutralising fraudulent activities. At the heart of iGenuity FMS is an Event Detail Record (xDR) analysis tool that examines events and transactions, pinpointing irregularities.

The system can be deployed across various segments, including subscribers and countries, enhancing monitoring capabilities. It utilises profile-based monitoring to track behaviours and detect anomalies, supported by a two-stage analysis process for efficient fraud identification. Unique in its approach, iGenuity FMS also identifies non-events, adding another layer to fraud detection.

Built on Python, this framework allows for rapid development and integration of machine learning for future-proof fraud detection. iGenuity positions operators to effectively manage and prevent fraud, ensuring operational integrity and revenue protection.

Key Benefits of iGenuity FMS

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Deep xDR

Pinpoints fraud by analyzing call details, enhancing revenue security and customer trust.

Dynamic Risk

Monitors multiple areas for fraud, ensuring network protection and operational reliability.

Behavioural Anomaly

Detects fraud by studying user habits, promoting early intervention and tear down.

Fraud Management System Explained

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Two-Tier Analysis
Begins with quick checks, followed by a thorough investigation to catch fraud more accurately.
Spotting the Unseen
Identifies fraud by spotlighting moments when unexpected activities occur or don't occur, amplifying alertness.
Agile Python Framework
Employs Python for speedy, adaptable fraud detection, bolstered by AI for deeper insights.

Why Opt for iGenuity FMS

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Fraud Management Redefined By Xintec

In Xintec’s fight against telecom fraud, we start with a thorough analysis of Call Detail Records (CDR) via our iGenuity system. This method allows us to sift through vast amounts of data efficiently, identifying unusual patterns that could indicate fraudulent activities.
Our approach includes deploying targeted monitoring across various dimensions, such as subscriber behaviors, geographic locations, and transaction types to ensure comprehensive oversight.
Our process is carefully designed to detect not only direct anomalies but also the absence of expected events, providing a dual-layered defense mechanism. Using Python for its flexibility, our system integrates advanced analytics and machine learning, increasing our ability to adapt and respond to emerging fraud techniques swiftly.

Start protecting your revenue and simplify fraud management with iGenuity FMS with Xintec.

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